2020 by Stephanie Sterling

About the Type of Companionship I Offer...






Why do I refer to myself as an elite companion and not an escort?

If someone thought of me as an escort, I'd be annoyed because they don't understand the type of companionship I offer. I advertise on Slixa, which is an escort website, because there are no elite companion websites, but I don't think of myself as an escort. I don't see men for one hour appointments, and I prefer distinguished gentlemen, quality companionship, trusting relationships, and more exclusivity. So I refer to myself as an elite companion, and this is because I am most like a new friend who's careful about whom she associates with.

What do I mean when I call myself exclusive?

I provide companionship that is as exclusive as possible. It's generally safer, more rewarding, more discreet, and not so hectic seeing only one gentleman. Right now, I prefer to make a few new friends as a companion. After all, it wouldn't be appropriate for me to venture too much on a single friendship with someone I don't know too well.

How much advance notice do I need?
First of all, I'm not available to see anyone late night or last-minute. Besides that, I prefer one weeks' notice. I'd like to take a week to have a bunch of good workouts before the date. If I'm not exercising, my body tends to revert to a more normal weight, but I like being thinner, so that's why I prefer one weeks' notice. I could probably do four days' notice, but you'd have to e-mail and ask me about that.

Do I require a deposit?

If I have to pay for any traveling expenses, I should be paid, for those expenses, in advance. I also require a deposit a few days before the date. This way, if you need to cancel last-minute, I'm happy to have gotten my deposit, and I'd look forward to seeing you again at a better time.

What will I wear?

I usually wear a mini dress with high heel shoes. If you'd like me to dress differently, like maybe more casual in jeans, let me know. 

How do I feel about reviews?
Please don't post any information about me anywhere on the Internet without asking for my permission.

What qualities do I appreciate in men?
I love a gentleman who's considerate, kind, sophisticated, and treats me with respect. And of course, being hygienic and clean is crucial. 

What would cause me to lose interest in someone?
I really don't like when men are rude or pushy. I'd also be annoyed with someone who's not discreet and creates drama in my personal life.

What's on my menu?
On occasion, a man will ask me about the specific things I do with men. It's always very awkward when someone asks these questions. It's generally considered a crude thing to ask a lady. Because they're always improper and indiscreet, I'd appreciate if you didn't ask such questions.

Is there a way around my screening process for those who aren't comfortable or willing to share their personal information?
I value my privacy and safety as much as you do. I don't gossip about my business with anyone. I use your personal information for verification purposes only. Other than this, once the screening and verification process is complete, your personal information isn't maintained.

Do I party?
No, I'm not into the drug user scene. I also have no idea where people buy drugs. If this is what you're interested in, there's probably another lady you'd like more than me. 

Where do I live?
I'm not available to entertain random men driving through my neighborhood who impetuously decide to see me. Please don't get the wrong idea. That's disturbing and annoying. Under other circumstances, it always is, and this is no different. I'd appreciate if you'd respect my privacy and personal space. 

Are your prices negotiable?
Other ladies may be willing to see men with whom they'd seen at iterations of their business when their rates were lower. I don't do this. I don't have a group of clients with whom I'm willing to see for a lower price. I'm only interested in men who can pay my rate.