2020 by Stephanie Sterling


First-class airfare, hotel, and other traveling expenses will be added to the price and aren't included in these rates. I also require a 60 percent deposit for scheduling the date.

So that we can enjoy each other in a manner that isn't so rushed, I'm not available for one hour appointments.

My rates begin with a delightful two and a half hour cocktail date... $2,500

You can extend your time with me to three and a half hours. I can accompany you to dinner and we can get to know each other at a lovely pace... $3,600

By extending your time with me to six hours, we can have drinks, dinner, and a see show... $4,500

The all-night affair, my fourteen hour date, is available in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Phoenix... $7,000

Those interested in the utmost experience with me will be given priority. I'm available nationwide and internationally for the following dates.

We can meet for lunch and enjoy spending the late afternoon together, go out for dinner and drinks, and then have brunch after sleeping in on a twenty four hour date... $10,500

On a forty eight hour date, we can enjoy gambling, shopping, spa treatments, laying out by the pool, going to dinner, and seeing a show... $16,000

We can have an even more relaxing and luxurious experience on a seventy two hour date... $20,000

During an amazing one week vacation, we could go to Hawaii and spend lovely evenings having dinner outdoors over gleaming stars overlooking the ocean... $30,000